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Revamping your home’s electrical system safety begins with the circuit breaker panel. The 20-year rule dictates that homeowners should replace any aged or outdated wiring. Insurers hold the belief that an old circuit panel significantly raises the risk of accidents, which could lead to damage inside and outside your home. For free estimates on your upcoming circuit breaker replacement services, contact Henry County Electric Services Company.

A circuit breaker is a crucial device that needs replacement if damaged or nearing its expiry date. It cannot safeguard homes against voltage surges, and is ineffective for minor electrical system repairs, like adding some circuits for modern appliances.

Why Should You Replace Your Old Circuit Breaker Panel?

Signals that your circuit breaker needs repair include a burning smell or visible smoke from overheating wires. If the nameplate on the panel reads Zinsco or Federal Pacific, it’s time for a replacement.

Signs of required maintenance are evident, from overheating electronics to warning lights flashing without an apparent cause. Our electricians at Henry County Electric Services Company are proficient in circuit breaker and fuse box repairs, guaranteeing safety around the clock.

Outdated circuit breaker panels struggle to manage modern appliances, leading to overheating and the risk of sparks or fires, posing a significant threat to your home’s wiring system.

Upgrade Your Circuit Breaker Panel For Modern Appliances

With the rise of powerful modern appliances, upgrading your circuit breaker panel is essential for home safety. If there’s an overload or burning smell in any room, it could be an indication of an imminent problem. Ensure that your circuit breaker panel is recent enough to handle the power requirements of modern devices.

If your circuit breaker panel gets too hot, it might be straining to handle all your appliances’ power demands. Any signs of this, don’t hesitate to reach out for an inspection.

Ensuring Safer Homes with Reliable Circuit Breaker Services

Is your circuit breaker struggling to meet your power needs? Are you frequently tripping your circuit breaker?

Circuit breakers distribute and manage our access to power, much like pipes do for water. As reliance on electrical devices increases, our circuit breakers bear a heavier load. For reliable repair, installation, or servicing of your circuit breaker, hire a skilled electrician like those at Henry County Electric Services Company.

Our technicians comply with the most stringent industry standards and local and state codes. Each of them is highly trained, experienced, and equipped to handle any circuit breaker service you require.

Call 404-567-2175 to get your circuit breaker problems diagnosed and resolved. We offer 24/7 emergency service, so call us anytime!

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